Glitch was an Autobot commander partnered up with Rollbar. He was armed with a Energon Bomb Blaster and an Energon Sword.

Rulepoke315 SagaEdit

Glitch landed on Earth under Ratchet's orders. He scanned an orange APC dune buggy and was dispatched to Hoover Dam. He was attacked by Ramjet, but Glitch drove him off.

Ramjet attacked him again at Brazil, but Glitch managed to nearly kill him. Ramjet called in reinforcements, and Spinister, Sparkcrusher and Runamuck arrived, but not before Rollbar arrived and beat up Runamuck. However, Sparkcrusher and Spinister were still standing. Sparkcrusher got a lucky shot at Rollbar right in the chest. Rollbar tried to retreat, and ignored Glitch's pleads to stay. With Rollbar gone, he was left alone. He fought off Spinister then moved on to Sparkcrusher. Sparkcrusher was fought off, then he blasted down Glitch. Sparkcrusher recieved a message from Soundwave about a protoform about to land in Sao Paulo. Sparkcrusher got a lucky shot at Glitch in the chest, severly wounding him. Spinister came over and was about to cuff Glitch when Soundwave informed him that Glitch is just a normal commander and that they wouldn't get much out of him. Spinister then stabbed Glitch through the spark, killing him.