Shockwave is a Decepticon scientist.
Shockwave (WfC)


Shockwave was a respected Cybertronian scientist who joined Megatron's following. He had no issues with the cast system, but he was opposed to the limits the Council placed on his experiments.

Shockwave joined Megatron's inner circle just before Orion Pax. He was opposed to the involvement of the archivist from the start, though Megatrons paid his opinions no mind.

Shockwave was one of the Decepticons present when Megatron and Orion appealed to the Council of the Primes. He was also present during the attack on the council.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Shockwave is reclusive and extremely intelligent. He uses his cunning to think up new doomsday devices and weapons of mass destruction. He is always waiting for Megatron to provide him with a new test subject.

Shockwave speaks only when he needs to, and he uses the fewest possiblee words when he does speak. Though he normally stays out of the action, he does love a good fight.

Abilites and GearEdit

Shockwave is equiped with a high-frequency laser canon, which he uses to preform delicate procedures. It can also he used as a weapon when necessary. He is skilled with many scientific instruments, and knows the inner workings of most weapons. He transforms into a Anti-aircraft Missile Lancher.