Sunstreaker in his Earth Form. His right hand is replaced by a Plasma Launcher.

Sunstreaker is an Autobot trooper and Sideswipe's brother.

Rulepoke315 SagaEdit

Sunstreaker came to Earth to assist the Autobots. He scanned a yellow Lamborghini Reventón and went into hiding while awaiting further orders.

He got his new orders from Sideswipe. He was tasked to halt Decepticon energon mining by a mountain in Colorado, and he did. However, he was ambushed and kidnapped by Mixmaster. Sideswipe tried to communicate with him, but Sunstreaker did not reply. He sent Mirage and Sundor to rescue him. When the 2 arrived, Mirage fought off Mixmaster and Swindle Drones while Sundor snuck in and tried to find Sunstreaker. Sundor found him in an interrogation room guarded by more Swindle Drones. Sundor destroyed them all and freed Sunstreaker. Sunstreaker then destroyed the rest of the Swindle Drones for Mirage. Sunstreaker thanked Mirage and Sundor for freeing him and Sundor became partners with Sunstreaker.

Sunstreaker, Sundor and Seaspray were aboard Stratosphere for a MechTech transport when Stratosphere was shot by a rail gun. Seaspray tried to maneuver Stratosphere, Sundor panicked and Sunstreaker tried to guard the MechTech. Stratosphere crash-landed, however he was still alive. Sunstreaker and Sundor retreated, and Seaspray stayed behind to assist in repairs.

Sunstreaker assigned Sundor to patrol the city, only to be blasted down by Laserbeak. Sunstreaker could easily see that the shot could be fatal. He got angry and literally ripped of Laserbeak's head. Laserbeak's death attracted the attention of Soundwave, Laserbeak's creator. Soundwave stunned Sunstreaker and took Laserbeak back to his base for repairs. When Sunstreaker regained mobility, he grabbed Sundor and returned to base. Sundor was moribund, which scared Sunstreaker. The rest of the Autobots were able to revive him. A relieved Sunstreaker was grateful that Sundor did not fully die.

Sundor weirdly fell in love with a female variant of Laserbeak, despite the female variant being a Decepticon. Sunstreaker and Sundor ignored the fact that she was a Decepticon. Sunstreaker released Sundor to live with the female variant. Sundor would later be reunited with Sunstreaker.

Sundor and Quickwing (The name of the female variant) came to the base, where Quickwing gave up her duty as a Decepticon and offically became an Autobot. Sundor rejoined Sunstreaker in partnership, and Sunstreaker gave Quickwing permission to be partners with the 2.

Sunstreaker stayed at the Autobot base for 8 months to keep Quickwing and Sundor out of harm.

Sunstreaker went on a solo mission, where he stole an Allspark shard from Starscream and severly wounded him. Sunstreaker was honored with the rank of commander for his efforts.

He lead multiple squadrons on attacks at Decepticon bases. 2 years after his rank upgrade, he retired from duty. Sundor and Quickwing retired as well in order to stay behind with Sunstreaker. He currently resides at the Autobot base. Although he retired from duty, he is still occasionally sent on missions if the Autobots really need it.